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Dear friend,

It is going to be five years since we met last on November 24-25 in year 2007 at ALL ALUMNI MEET OF JLNMCH BHAGALPUR on the ground of our institution. Now time is coming to gather again at the campus to relive the nostalgia of being part of a fraternity linked by the central focus, our ALMA MATER. It was the crucible where we all were ground, heated and melted by the rigors of the training to be finally forged in what we are today…the clinicians…the doctors.
I invite you all again to relive the past and share the moments with your old friends, seniors, juniors, and revered teachers on the next five yearly congregation called NOSTAGIA hence forth….this time

NOSTAGIA- 2012 to be organized on 15 & 16 December 2012 at the campus of JLNMCH, Bhagalpur.

I am hoping full hearted enthusiasm and eagerness in you to participate in it, and requesting your suggestions, opinions, and creative input to make it interesting and worthwhile.

I am looking forward to a fitting response from you.
With warm wishes

Rajiv Kumar Lall
Organizing Secretary


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