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As one of the best medical colleges in Eastern Region, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College and Hospital          (JLNMCH), Bhagalpur has produced alumni who represent a unique and growing group of individuals who are actively bringing the experience of JLNMCH to the wider community in the field of medical sciences.

JLNMCH (Formerly BMCH) has setup an Alumni Association in order to maintain a world wide network of people who have been a part of JLNMCH for the benefit of the members of the Association and current JLNMCH students (prospective Alumni).

JLNMCH is proud to have as its alumni a group of around 1500 successful medical professionals in India and abroad. In its endeavour to strengthen the link with the alumni, JLNMCH Alumni Association has a dedicated team of alumni members who continuously connect, engage, and involve the Alumni to continue and enhance their pleasant association with the institution which was once their second home.

Our Vision
To be a model Alumni Association which may be a yardstick for others.

Our Mission
To connect, engage, and involve the alumni with JLNMCH and amongst themselves in support of the institution's mission and goals.

Key Expectations

  • To honour, preserve and celebrate JLNMCH traditions.

  • To communicate clearly and consistently with our alumni about all the activities and updates about JLNMCH.

  • To serve and respond to the needs of the fellow alumni.

  • To innovate new programmes and services to benefit the alumni.

  • To broaden our programming globally.

  • To continue to provide an exclusive and supportive environment to our alumni of diverse backgrounds, interests, and experiences.

Key Focus Areas:

Student Alumni: How do we train and cultivate current students to be good alumni?

Young Alumni: How do we maintain the connection and involvement of our fast-growing alumni population?

Alumni Career Solutions: How do we provide life-long career support and education to our alumni?

Alumni Admissions Outreach: How do we connect alumni to prospective students (our future alumni)?

Traditional Reunion: How do we engage and bring alumni get-together based on their association with JLNMCH?

Benefits & Services: What lifetime resources can and should we provide to our alumni and the institution?

Marketing & Communications: How do we provide our alumni with the information and tools they need to stay connected, engaged and involved with JLNMCH and overall with one another?

Information Technology: How do we leverage modern information technology to help deliver all of the above?


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